An Eating Disorder

I’m a 20 year-old African American male. For, I’d say, roughly 19 years and 11 months of my life, I’ve eaten well enough. Often times, I found that I couldn’t eat enough. An acceptable diet, I believed I lived by. ┬áBut recently during the past three weeks or so, for some strange reason, I simply struggle to maintain a regular appetite. Now, throughout my entire life, breakfast was a ┬árarity. By choice, however. I attribute this to my occupations. I have an extremey short attention span so I’m always too interested in many others things than sitting down for a meal in the morning. Nonetheless, I rarely eat breakfast. I can not remember my last morning meal. But as my brother lives a similar, if not identical morning diet, he fortunately doesn’t share my problem, somehow. Now, my diet has gone from endless sudden meals throughout every typical day to one or oftentimes no meals. I am simply not hungry. I don’t struggle with anorexia nervosa or any of the other two popular eating disorders. I do not choose to refuse meals. Like today, for instance, I’ve eaten absolutely nothing. The day before, I consumed only what I consider half of a full meal. Somehow, I am not hungry. The only change within my diet made recently is that I seldomly drink fluids other than water. I’ve tried forcing meals upon my stomach but I can never finish them if I can even manage to look at one. Though this sounds horrible, it seems to have no effect on me. I work 10+ hour shifts under constant physical demand. I experience no significant loss of energy or anything of that nature. But, everyone knows the importance of food. So, I fear that eventually, this will cost me tremendously. After short research, I found there aren’t many who suffer from this. What could possibly be wrong with me??

(Also, I stopped smoking pot recently; I probably should’ve included this in the initial post. And, I do drink water rather obsessively. I wonder if these may have caused this strange eating disorder.)